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Northwest Scholarship Foundation

Each school affiliated with the Foundation has procedures in place for students to apply for scholarships. 


The Foundation encourages the schools to use a thorough, objective system for selection of recipients.


Allocation of scholarship funding is to be based on a student’s

  • application

  • post-secondary plan

  • career goal

  • courses

  • marks

  • character

  • conduct

  • core competencies

  • academic integrity

  • adherence to the school’s code of conduct

  • discipline

  • school involvement

  • contributions to the school

  • other relevant profile details.


There is a wide range of selection criteria for the many individual scholarships. 


All graduating students who are considering post-secondary education are encouraged to apply for scholarships.


Each student may be granted more than one parcel of scholarship funding.


The claim period for scholarships is twenty-two months; for example, a student graduating in June of 2024 has until April 30 of 2026 to claim the allocated scholarship funding.  The length of the claim period allows for students not immediately starting their post-secondary studies, but also allows for the funds to be re-issued within a reasonable time if unclaimed.  The recipient presents, to the school or to the Foundation, documents showing that tuition has been paid and that the student is in post-secondary studies.  The documents must show that the student is in full-time studies or that the amount of tuition paid equals or exceeds the amount of the scholarship funding being claimed.  Some students may need to submit multiple claims in order to claim all their allotted scholarship funds.


In 2023, Foundation sponsors granted $122,664 of scholarship funding in 154 parcels to 80 students graduating in the Northwest:


                3                  $    2,154         Bear Valley    (3 recipients)

            143                  $112,760         Caledonia    (69 recipients) 

                2                  $    1,000         Charles Hays    (2 recipients)

                3                  $    4,500         Hazelton    (3 recipients)

                2                  $    1,750         Mount Elizabeth    (2 recipients)

                1                  $       500         Parkside    (1 recipient)

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