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We . . . 
1.  adhere to our policies and procedures
2. publish information about scholarships, policies, and procedures.

3. strive for responsible stewardship.
4. seek new scholarship sponsors and opportunities.
5. reach written agreements with donors regarding the purpose, funding, selection,             and claiming procedure for the scholarships they sponsor.
6. work with the available funds and the donors' criteria and expectations for their                scholarships.

7.  strive to match scholarships and recipients according to the scholarship criteria        and the student profile.
8.  allow donors--as deemed viable and necessary or appropriate--to confirm                         individual applicants' eligibility and, in some few cases, priority as recipients.

9.  allow a donor to resort to granting a scholarship as an "external scholarship" if the             scholarship or the intended recipient does not satisfy the Foundation or                         school's policies and procedures.
10.  liaise with the secondary schools in the Northwest.
11. encourage the schools to use a thorough, objective system for selection of                        recipients--considering each student's application, post-secondary plan,                        career goal, courses, marks, character, conduct, core competencies, academic            integrity, adherence to the school's code of conduct, discipline, school                            involvement, contributions to the school, and other relevant profile details.
12. use a thorough, objective system for selection of recipients for scholarships                        allocated by the Foundation.
13. encourage all students to continue their studies after graduation from high school.
14. realize that students' post-secondary plans may change.
15. share the wealth of available scholarship funding with as many students as                         possible.
16. acknowledge the relative achievements of individual students.
17. make scholarship funds available for students to claim within twenty-two months              of their secondary-school graduation, thereby allowing for a delayed start of                post-secondary studies but making unclaimed funds available for assignment              to a new recipient after a reasonable waiting-period.
18. provide funds to students who submit documents showing
           (a) commence of post-secondary studies and
           (b) tuition paid for full-time studies or for an amount which equals or exceeds                               the amount of scholarship funding being claimed.

19. acknowledge that the sponsor may request, or extenuating circumstances may                justify, an extension to the claim period.
20. guard confidentiality.

Adopted 2023 May 11

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