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“N. W. Education ‘88’ Foundation” was founded in 1977.  The impetus was the death of John Bastin, then Principal of Caledonia Senior Secondary School in Terrace.  A number of educators and concerned citizens discussed how best to provide encouragement and financial assistance to students graduating from high school and pursuing post-secondary education.  The Founding Directors were Dennis Brewer, Harold Cox, Doug Inglis, Dave Porter, Murdoch Robertson, and Ted Wells.  Registered as a Society on November 24 of 1977, the Foundation had as its objectives the acquisition and holding of funds, promotion of post-secondary education, and disbursement of scholarship funds to students of merit.  Shortly after its establishment, the Foundation was granted status as a Registered Charity (1976 January 27).  In April of 2022, the Foundation adopted a new name:  Northwest Scholarship Foundation.


From 1977 through 2021, forty-one community members served on the Foundation’s Board of Directors.  Past Officers have been

  • Chairperson:                     

    • Dennis Brewer (1977-1983),

    • Harold Cox (1983-1999), and 

    • Dawn Martin (1999-2021)

  • Secretary-Treasurer:   

    • Ted Wells (Secretary 1977-1983),

    • Dave Porter (Treasurer 1977-1983)

    • Don Hall (1983-1984),

    • Vern Rozee (1984-1987),

    • Barry Piersdorff (1987-2003),

    • Harold Cox (2003-2006),

    • Michael Hogg (2006-2009, 2011-2012),

    • Laura Barton (2009-2011)

The assets of the Foundation have grown from $3,945 in 1978 to $1,136,327 in 2021.  As the Foundation’s assets have grown, so have the amounts of scholarship funding that Foundation sponsors have been able to grant to students.

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